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Spray Powder K4 or Hydro KS-500


All Hydro spray powders are based on food grade plant on cercal starches. So they are environmentally

friendly and naturally ecological. All materials are carefully selected and our processing methods

ensure that the final products have even particle size and have good flow.


HYDRO can be spray by electric sprayer or standard sprayer to prevent smear or Blocking in printing,

plastic film and lamination.

Physical properties:

Shape: Divided while dry, odorless

Melting Point (° C): Non Applicable

Evaporation Pressure: Non Applicable

Weight: 0,9

Flash Point (° C): Non Applicable

Fire limit (%): Non Applicable

Soluble (G / L): No soluble in water

Other Properties: None


Chemical -CAS NO.- -Percent- ACGIH

Starch- -9005-25-8- -87,3%- -10mg/m3

Plastic Silicone- -0,5%

Moisture- -12,2%

Anti-Setoff Spray Powder Hydro KS-500

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